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Sword Sword Allows you to hit enemies, cut grass, switch on spheres, turn torches off Lent by the blacksmith's wife in order to give it to the captain
Shield Shield Allows you to protect yourself To be bought in the Kakariko shop or in the shop near the huge lake
Ravio's bracelet Ravio's Bracelet Allows you to turn into a painting and to merge into walls! Given by Ravio in exchange of letting him being your "roommate" in your house
Bell Bell Allows you to call Irene and quickly travel to a weather vane Given by Irene following a prediction she got
Power Gloves Allow you to lift small rocks Given by Rosso after you clean up his ground
Pegasus boots Pegasus Boots Allow you to run faster and to rush at rocks and trees in order to bring down things being there Given by the weird man in Kakarikoo Village (see below)
Zora's flipper Zora's Flipper Allows you to swim and dive Given by the Zora Queen after you free her from a spell
Maimai Map Shows you how many lost maiamais are still to be found in each Hyrule and Lorule area Given by Mother Maiamai in her cave in the lake area
Master sword Master Sword Like the ordinary sword but furthermore it throws lightnings when all your hearts are filled To be found in the Lost Woods after you gathered the three pendants
Master Ore Master Ore Allows you to upgrade your sword thanks to the blacksmith To be found in some dungeons, like the Thieves' Hideout and the Skull Woods
Blue Mail Blue Mail Damages are reduced by half when you wear it! Treasure of the Swamp Palace
Titan's Mitt Titan's Mitt Allows you to lift huge rocks Treasure of the Desert Palace
Hylian Shield Hylian Shield Allows you to protect yourself and to repel magical attacks Treasure of the Turtle Rock
Stamina Scroll Stamina Scroll Increases the size of the energy gauge Treasure of the Ice Ruins
Bee badge Bee badge Makes all bees friendly to you. Furthermore, they attack surrounding enemies instead of you! Given by Mr Bee Man when you bring a golden bee to him
Red Mail Red Mail Damages are reduced by three quarters when you wear it! Found in Lorule's Castle

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