Link's Awakening tips and tricks


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Green Clothes Green Clothes/Mail - Available since the beginning
Shield Shield Protect yourself Given by Tarin in his house
Sword Sword Fight, cut off bushes, activate switches... Found on Toronbo Shores after you sank
Roc's Feather Roc's Feather Allows you to jump over holes, catch items floating in the air Treasure of Tail Cave
Power Bracelet Power Bracelet Allows you to lift light stones and jars, push blocks Treasure of Bottle Grotto
Pegasus Boots Pegasus Boots Allow you to rush. Combined with the sword: dash and destroy stone rows. Combined with Roc's Feather: jump over multiple holes Treasure of Key Cavern
Flippers Flippers Allow you to swim. Press B to dive Treasure of Angler's Tunnel
Red Clothes Red Clothes / Sturdy Blue Mail Improve your attack power Treasure of the Color Dungeon
Blue Clothes Blue Clothes / Powerful Red Mail Improve your defense Treasure of the Color Dungeon
Sword Level 2 Sword / Koholint Sword Fight! In the Seashell Mansion after collecting 20 Secret Seashells
Power Bracelet 2 Level 2 Power Bracelet / Powerful Bracelet Allows you to lift heavy stones, statues, etc. Treasure of Face Shrine
Mirror Shield Mirror Shield Protects yourself and reflects some attacks Treasure of Eagle's Tower
Magnifying Lens Magnifying Lens Allow you to find invisible items and read books Under the Mermaid Statue (last Trading Sequence item)